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Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
About links on staff pages

Thank you for visiting this page.

Keys and samples

The page only exists to provide a target for the example links in the Key (right) showing how staff names are listed in our staff page.

Here is what the key shows:

  Staff name
  With contact info
  With profile

What this means is that:

The sample links in the key and on this page need to look correct, but do not lead to actual listings or profiles - whose would we choose? - so instead they come to this explanatory page.

Please use your browser's "Back" function to return to the page which sent you here.

If you are having any problems using this facility please contact the Wolfson Website Manager, who will be delighted to help.


Notes and help

People's names on staff pages link to the QM Directory, either directly or via the individual's profile page. If you are having trouble finding the contact information you need, you could:

Use this searchbox to query the database directly

- or go to the QMUL Staff Contacts page and choose:
"Enter surname" or
"browse the directory".

Not all staff have opted to be included in the QMUL directory, or on departmental lists.


Useful links:
  All WIPM staff lists
      Psychology (& TDRU)
  QMUL Staff Directory

  Staff name
  With contact info
  With profile
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