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Simone Ullrich, Dipl.-Psych., PhD
Senior Lecturer in Forensic Mental Health

The main focus of Dr Simone Ullrich’s research interests is the broad field of personality disorders. She is interested in aetiological aspects, epidemiology, classification, and models of personality disorder and psychopathy. She has been working with a variety of datasets including the Prisoner Cohort Study, the Cambridge Study on Delinquent Development in collaboration with Prof. David Farrington, and two large scale ONS surveys on psychiatric morbidity in the British Household Population and in a representative sample of prisoners in England and Wales. Her work includes research on the controversially discussed construct of “Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder” to investigate its implications in terms of accuracy and dangerousness. Recent submissions have focussed on antisocial personality disorder regarding co-morbidity and health service use, stable and unstable subtypes, associations with anxiety disorder and psychopathy. In the future, she is going to be involved in a programme grant on risk assessment and risk management with focus on the relationship between psychosis and violence.

Recent publications

Ullrich, S.; Coid, J. (in press). Antisocial personality disorder: co-morbid Axis I mental disorders and health service use among a national household population. Personality and Mental Health.

Ullrich, S.; Deasy, D.; Smith, J.; Johnson, B.; Clarke, M.; Broughton, N.; Coid, J. (in press). Detecting personality disorders in the prison population of England and Wales: comparing case identification using the SCID-II screen and clinical interview. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology.

Ullrich, S.; Farrington, D.; Coid, J. (2008). Psychopathic personality traits and life-success. Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 1162-1171.

Ullrich, S.; Farrington, D.; Coid, J. (2007). Dimensions of DSM-IV personality disorders and life success. Journal of Personality Disorders, 21 (6), 659-665

Ullrich, S.; Marneros, A. (2007). Underlying dimensions of ICD-10 personality disorders: risk factors, childhood antecedents, and adverse outcomes in adulthood. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 18 (1), 44-58.

Yang, M.; Ullrich, S.; Roberts, A.; Coid, J. (2007). Childhood institutional care and personality disorder traits in adulthood: findings from the British National Survey of Psychiatric Morbidity. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 77(1), 67-75.

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