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Sandra Evans MB.BS.  FRCPsych. Memb. Inst. Group Analysis
Consultant / Senior Lecturer Mental  Health Care for Older People

2006- Elected Chair of Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS: Older Adults Section

Clinical areas of interest; affective disorder, personality disorder particularly in late life, psychotherapy with older adults, psychoanalytic understanding of later life issues including dementia; neuro-psychoanalysis. Clinical teaching; particularly Old Age Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Communication Skills.

Peer-reviewed publications over past five years:

2001: Evans, S. Chisholm, P, Walshe, J. A psychotherapy group for the elderly. Group Analysis. 34 (2) 287-298.

2001: Garner J, Anderson D, Baldwin R, Evans S.   The Faculty Response to the NSF.  Old Age Psychiatrist, 23, 9 – 11.

2001: Evans, S. Group analytic psychotherapy: A realistic treatment for older adults.CPD Bulletin Old Age Psychiatry. Vol 3 (1) 16-19

2002: Garner, J & Evans, S. An ethical perspective on the Institutional Abuse of older people. Psychiatric Bulletin. Vol 26, 5. 164-166.

2003: Baldwin, R. Anderson, D. Black, S. Evans, S. Jones, R. Wilson, K. Iliffe, S.  Guidelines for the Management of Late-life Depression in Primary Care. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.  18: 829-838

2004: Evans, S. What works for whom? A Survey of provision of psychological therapies for older people in the NHS. Psychiatric Bulletin. Vol 28, No 11. pp411-414

2004: Evans, S. Sex and Death; the ramifications of illness and aging on late life partnerships. Journal of relationship and marital therapy: Special Issue . Vol 19, No. 3. August.pp319-335

2005: Evans,S. Psychotherapy for older people: Users and providers of psychotherapeutic services for older people.  Abstract. Symposium. Twelth Congress of the International Psychogeriatric Association. International Psychogeriatrics. Vol 17. Supplement 2. pp114

2006: Evans, S. Where is the Unconscious in Dementia? Psychoanalytic ideas. In Press

Teaching tools devised:

Bartlett, A. Brown, J. Douglas, B. Evans, S. Hall, I. (2005) Lesbian and Gay Mental Health Matters.  teaching pack

Expert reports:

2000: Garner, J. and Evans, S. The Institutional abuse of elderly people. College Document. Royal College of Psychiatrists. CR 84

2002: Mezey, G. Hicks, M. Gopfert, M. Evans, S. Hall, A. Hicks, M. Rumball, D. Domestic Violence. CR 102. Royal College of Psychiatrists.

2006: Evans, S. Garner, J. Wilson, K. Martindale, B. Gould, D. King, C. Boddington, S. The Provision of Psychological Therapies to Older Adults in the NHS.   submitted


2000: Evans, S. More disappointing treatment outcomes in late life depression. British Journal of Psychiatry.177 (3):281-282 Letter to the Editor.   

2006: 4th Dec. Letter to the Editor. Times.

Books edited:

2004: Evans, S. and Garner, J. Editors. Talking over the Years: A handbook of dynamic psychotherapy for older adults.  Brunner-Routledge. London

Chapters in books:

1991: Evans, S. and Katona, C.L.E.   Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly. In The Anxiolytic Jungle; Where Next?. Ed D. Wheatley. John Wiley. London.

1995: Evans, S.   Physical Treatments. In “Neurotic Disorders in the Elderly”    Ed. J. Lindesay.  OUP. Oxford.

1998: Evans, S. Lucey, J. Psychotherapeutic Work in Groups: In Understanding Psychiatric Treatments.  Editors Lucey, J. O’Mahony. J. Wiley and Sons. London.

Evans, S. (2004) Attachment Theory and its application in late adult life.

Evans. S. (2004) Group Psychotherapy: Foulkes, Bion Yalom and Others.

Evans, S . (2004) The Self throughout Ageing. Kohut and Others.

Evans, S. (2004) Elderly Couples and the role of Family dynamics in older people…   All In, Talking over the Years: A Handbook of Psychodynamic Theory and Practice with Older People. (Eds) Sandra Evans and Jane Garner. Routledge. London.

Evans, S. 2006. Psychiatry of Older Adults for Psychiatric Social Workers.

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