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Professor Jeremy Coid MB ChB, MD (Lond), FRCPsych. MPhil. Dip. Criminol.
Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Director of Forensic Mental Health

Professor Jeremy Coid is Forensic Mental Health director and principal investigator in the Home Office funded Prisoner Cohort Study. This will evaluate measures of risk assessment for serious re-offending and is in support of Government Policy to extend detention for individuals with severe personality disorder who pose a high risk to the public. He was advisor to the Office of National Statistics in their surveys of prisoners and adults in households in Great Britain and is studying the epidemiology of violent and criminal behaviour at the population level. He is principal investigator in a study of first episode psychosis in East London and has secured funding for a 5-year follow-up to study the development of antisocial behaviour in relation to severe mental illness. He has recently received funding to study the transmission of delinquency from parents to their children in the context of his collaboration with the University of Cambridge in their study of the longitudinal development of crime and delinquency, and also funded by the Department of Health to carry out an economic evaluation of secure services for mentally disordered offenders in collaboration with the London School of Economics.

Contact details
Tel: 020 3465 7230 (Professor Coid's PA)
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Selected publications

Coid J. (2003) Formulating strategies for the Primary Prevention of Adult Antisocial Behaviour: “High risk” or “Population” Strategies?  In:  Early Prevention of Adult Antisocial Behaviour.  Eds D.P. Farrington & J.W. Coid.  Cambridge.  Cambridge University Press

Coid J. (2004)  Comorbidity:  Personality disorder and mental illness – the nature of their relationship.  In:  A.H. Crisp (ed) Every Family in the Land.  Understanding prejudice and discrimination against people with mental illness (Revised edition).  London.  Royal Society of Medicine Press. 

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