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Professor Kamaldeep Bhui BSc (Pharmacology), MBBS, MSc (Mental Health Studies), MSc (Epidemiology), MD (Research doctorate), FRCPsych, Diploma Clinical Psychotherapy and Associate Member of British Association of Psychotherapists

Professor of Cultural Psychiatry and Epidemiology;
Hon Consultant Psychiatrist

Research Excellence

Professor Bhui is part of the Environmental and Cultural Psychiatry Research Group.

I research socio-cultural risk factors and protective factors, and risks that generate inequalities in population mental health and suicide. I deploy novel anthropological, sociological and epidemiological research methods to optimise care quality, safety and access to assessment and treatment, and public health; for example, the new cultural consultation service (CCS) evalutes narrative and clinical data. My research studies include adolescent and adult populations, with a recent award (CI) to develop new screening tools for dementia in South Asians; PI investigations include studies of chronic fatigue, adolescent self-harm, detention in hospital, housing, discrimination, cultural identity, religiosity, depression, suicide, violence, radicalisation and terrorism, and complex interventions (e.g. CCS and narrative based). Collaborations include work on ethnicity and Hepatitis C, Diabetes, Cancer, urban regeneration, and arts in health. The CCS and MSc Psychological Therapies provide pathways to Improving Access to Effective Therapies, by improving the quality of assessment and treatment as well as  access. Overall, my academic work contributes to prevention, reducing inequalities, building capacity, engaging the public, and addressing stigma to improve outcomes. I have published over 110 papers (30 since 2008) and 10 books (3 since 2008). Grants held: £6.1million in the last 5 years; £1.495m as PI.

Research approaches include methodological innovations for researching health and social care and outcomes in culturally diverse populations. Investigations are located at the interface between epidemiology and social anthropology to improve research quality in hard to reach and socially excluded populations and patient groups, for example, the homeless, and refugees and asylum seekers.


Prof. Bhui is Founding Director of the innovative and highly successful MSc Transcultural Mental Health Care and MSc Psychological Therapies, both of which are grounded in e-learning and blended learning methods. The numbers are growing rapidly, and we now have 85 students a year with new pathways options being planned. We make use of problem based methods, and interactive distance learning processes using communication technologies to fit around our students from all around the world. He is also a teacher, examiner and mentor for undergraduate medical students at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Students are encouraged to undertake original cutting edge research and write this up for publication with senior academics (see publication lists).

Clinical Leadership

Professor Bhui is Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, and has worked in Community Mental Health Teams, Assertive Outreach Teams, and with a team working with homeless people in East London. Current work involves specialist assessment of referrals to tertiary psychotherapy service, especially the assessment and management of complex culturally influenced presentations.

As Director of the innovative Cultural Consultation Serviceand the popular cultural consultation club, Professor Bhui contributes to workforce development and provision of high quality and culturally capable care. This service has also attracted referrals from medico-legal and private and public organisations seeking to better understand complex cultural presentations. As part of research and service development roles, Prof Bhui pioneered the EPIC service innovations (Enhancing Pathways Into Care), and led on the Mental Health Outcomes compendium for professionals to use in mental health care, as well as the access and engagement topic group for the NICE schizophrenia guidelines update.

Professional Leadership and Memberships

Professional Organisations:
He is a board member and President-Elect of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (2009-2012) due to take up the Presidency following the 3rd World Congress in Cultural Psychiatry to be hosted by Queen Mary University of London (see He is a member of the executive of the Transcultural Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association, and an honorary member of GLADET (Latin American Group of Transcultural Studies). He is Public Health Lead (2009-2013) at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, former Chair of Transcultural Special Interest Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and former President of the Psychiatry Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

He is professional advisor to Kids Company and African Mental Health Foundation, and Trustee and Director at Careif. Careif is a new international charity based in London, England. We aim to share knowledge internationally about mental health in order to improve people’s wellbeing, how to live healthily and ensure that working practices and services are suited to different cultures across the world.".

Editorial Work:
He is on the editorial board for the International Journal of Social Psychiatry, Ethnicity and Health, BMC Psychiatry, BMC Research Notes, Transcultural Psychiatry, and Editor of International Journal of Culture and Mental Health.

Public Engagement and Knowledge Dissemination

Research and knowledge are regularly disseminated through academic conferences, charities work, and public events, for example, exploring medicine, science and art at the Wellcome Trust, Tate Modern, and a series of meetings at the Royal Society of Medicine, Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the Barbican. Professor Bhui is President of the 3rd World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry, to be held in London March 9th-11th 2012 (see



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