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Reader and Consultant Cardiologist

Dr David Wald is an Interventional Cardiologist with an interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. His clinical-academic aims are to bridge the interventional and preventive approaches to cardiovascular disease which are often viewed as distinct. He is co-ordinating a proposed randomised trial to assess the value of coronary angioplasty in preventing future coronary heart disease events among patients receiving angioplasty to treat an acute myocardial infarction.

He conducted a randomised trial which showed the minimum fully effective dose of folic acid for serum homocysteine reduction. He was awarded the BMA Brackenbury Research Prize for this work. He has been adviser to the Food safety Authority of Ireland in helping them reach a decision on dietary fortication with folic acid. Together with Malcolm law and Joan Morris he quantified the relationships between homocysteine, coronary heart disease, stroke and thromboembolic disease using meta-analyses of observational and genetic epidemiological studies. This was important because it specified the expected effect of folic acid intake on cardiovascular disease prevention. This, in turn, showed how even the largest randomised trials of folic acid supplementation were underpowered to show the expected effect.

Together with Nicholas Wald and Jonathan Bestwick he showed that screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia, by serum cholesterol measurement, is effective if done in early childhood after the first year of life. The finding underpins a novel “child-parent” population screening strategy that screens children and their parents within the same programme. He is assessing imaging techniques like carotid ultrasound and CT scanning in screening for coronary heart disease to determine their value in medical practice.

He coordinates the Polypill Prevention Programme, a novel service that adopts the Polypill approach in coronary heart disease and stroke prevention. With Nicholas Wald and Malcolm Law he collaborates in the development and proposed trials of the Polypill itself.

Selected Publications

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