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Web tables, appendices, mini-sites and other content relating to selected publications

This page allows you to view tables, appendices, mini-sites and other content from or related to selected publications. Each set of tables is linked as a PDF file unless otherwise stated; mini-sites have their own home pages. Where possible, we will also provide a link to the original source publication.

Assessing risk factors as potential screening tests. A simple assessment tool.
NJ Wald and JK Morris.
Arch Intern Med

Carotid ultrasound screening for coronary heart disease: results based on a meta-analysis of 18 studies and 44,861 subjects
David S Wald and Jonathan P Bestwick
J Med Screen 2009; full reference to follow

BMJ, May 2009 mini-site: M R Law, J K Morris and N J Wald. Use of blood pressure lowering drugs in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: meta-analysis of 147 randomised trials in the context of expectations from prospective epidemiological studies. BMJ 2009;338:b1665

Lancet, February 2008 mini-site: Nicholas J Wald, Joan K Morris, Neville J Young and David S Wald, Meta-analysis audit trail, The Lancet, Volume 371, Issue 9612, 16 February 2008, Page 558.

Child-parent screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia: screening strategy based on a meta-analysis
Wald DS, Bestwick JP, Wald NJ.
BMJ. 2007 Sep 22;335(7620):599. Epub 2007 Sep 13.

Sequential Integrated and Contingent antenatal screening for Down’s syndrome

Effect on Down syndrome screening performance of adjusting for marker levels in a previous pregnancy

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